Spiders Kill Their Young

Spiders Eat Their Young

A Feast of Tears shows life behind the stout walls and triple-locked doors of an inpatient forensic unit at a State Hospital, how some patients are rendered legally competent and others broken in this close air of stifled brutality.

The Meaning of Life - Julian Lev

The Meaning of Life: A Child's Book of Existential Psychology

In writing his book on the meaning of existence, Julian Lev takes us all the way back to the beginning. "In the beginning, everyone is born." This is not the beginning of Heaven and Earth. This is our personal beginning, the point of entry for our life experience.

people - Short Fiction - Julian Lev


A most unusual motive. A most unusual murder by a most unusual murderer.

The Grand Inquisitor Revisited - Short Fiction - Julian Lev

The Grand Inquisitor Revisited

Dr. Osterreich wasn't merely trying to cure mental illness. His medicine would go still further. It would perfect the mind, even that of the most disturbed individual. It was a simple matter of finding a subject, locking him in his basement, and testing his powder. He would follow his protocol.